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Become a WestfordCAT Member

To begin, choose a membership level that is right for you and sign up. A WestfordCAT staff member will contact you to schedule a tour and camera operation training to get you started!

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Basic Membership $30/Year

Membership includes:

  • Access to professional recording equipment, facilities, podcast and TV studios.
  • Access to instructional programs, and professional assistance for their video production and distribution needs.
  • Content creators can submit their videos for playback on WCAT channels and PEG distribution.
  • Ability to vote at general membership meetings, with Westford residency.

Family Membership $50/Year

  • A Family Membership includes the Basic Membership benefits for multiple members of a family residing at the same address.
  • The family shares one vote at general membership meetings.

Civic Partnership for Non-profits $75/Year

  • A Civic Membership is for small non-profits, clubs and organizations and receive all the benefits of a Basic Membership.
  • Multiple members of the organization may receive training and production assistance.
  • Video PSAs for special events will be supported by WCAT staff for production and distribution.

Producer Membership $100/Year

  • All the Basic Membership values as well as assistance with regularly produced podcast and/or television productions.
  • Staff assistance with production, promotion and distribution of programming.

Basic Business Sponsorship $300/year

  • Benefits: In addition to receiving all the benefits of membership, your business logo will be displayed on the bulletin board which plays throughout the day between scheduled programs, on three local channels it is also displayed on the website's right sidebar in rotation.